We Know You Are Paying Too Much For Delivery ...

That's Why We Came Up With Zen Delivery...

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Hi, my name is Ron Haslam Zen Delivery in San Diego.

We're a delivery company that is on your side!

You're paying way too much to those other guys

and we know it's not your fault since there was hardly a choice.

Your fees with Zen Delivery? $2 per delivery.

Every delivery, under $50. 

No more high fees. with Zen Delivery !

Our company “Zen Delivery” is a new food delivery app partnered with Google food, First Delivery and BlizzFull .

We have figured out how to do delivery better.

Our APP is extremely easy to use and it is it is 100% free, and our value proposition is extraordinary.

Market Transition is way easier than before.

Restaurants that use one of the big 3rd party delivery apps, and you know who they are,

Uber, GrubHub and DoorDash-ALL charge “A minimum of 20% and up to” 35% of the meal price or total bill as a commission to the delivery app that facilitates that transaction.

That means that if the order is $40, the restaurant is charged up to $14. That is eating up most of their profits.

"Well, Zen Delivery is here to give the vast majority of that money back to the Restaurant owner. Plus, we inject 50% of the profits back into the local communities to support and reward the Restaurants, Drivers, Customers & partners to Organizations that use and share the Zen Delivery App."

With Zen Delivery, we only charge the Restaurant a flat $2 per delivery on orders up to $50,

or $3 on orders over $50

and $4 for orders over $100.

Instead of the 25% to 35% like the rest of the delivery apps.

This saves the restaurant 10’s of thousands of dollars each year in delivery fees!

It’s a win -win partnering with Zen Delivery !


"Restaurants Sign Up NOW, it's FREE- No Risk " 

Your Local San Diego Based ZEN- Partner will Get you Up and Running Quickly. 

We start by Maximizing your restaurants' Google business listing for "Take -Out And Delivery" by putting our Zen  Order Engine behind it ,including your website if you prefer.

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and I can go over all the details with you.

No Obligations


Ron Haslam  

Zen Delivery Partner San Diego



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